Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Do We Care About Super Bowl Commercials?

Here in our world of costumes, some of the Super Bowl Ads have special meaning to us every year. Which ads would those be? The block buster movie previews, of course! I say it all the time, the popular movies every year also make the most popular Halloween costumes. So here is a glimpse of what costumes you will see for Halloween 2013.
Iron Man is of course, one of the most popular costumes for several years running now. Not only is it popular with boys and men, but there are Sassy Iron Man costumes for girls too.
 See Iron Man Costumes at now.

I'm sure you're interested in that extended look video, right? Here you go! Each year that there is a new movie, you will notice that a new Iron Man costume design comes out too. This year will be no exception, look for the new Iron Man Movie 3 costumes to be available later this summer.


Wizard of Oz costumes have been some of our most popular sellers for more than a decade. So we are excited to usher in a new wave of costumes, new characters, and a new story for a new generation. There will never be any replacement for our beloved Wizard of Oz, but Oz, the Great and Powerful is sure to be impressive and exciting! Look for new Wizard of Oz movie costumes to come into stock summer of 2013.


#Zombies. Do we need to say more? 


While we're on the topic of zombies. . . .

I guess they are hard to clean up after. Here's the game day spot:


This year a new Star Trek movie comes out and #Trekkies everywhere rejoice!

Star Trek costumes have been popular for a very long time. New Star Trek movie costumes and Star Trek uniforms were designed for the last movie release, and this new Star Trek Movie Into Darkness will be no exception. Look for new Star Trek costumes later this summer.


One movie that many will be excited about this year is an action reboot of The Lone Ranger. Originally a classic television show, the movie reboot features Johnny Depp as Tonto. So you know this is going to be great fun! 

Have fun watching all the trailers and keep them in mind for your Halloween costumes this year, and even for dress up ideas for the kids this summer.

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