Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School with AnniesCostumes!

Going back to school doesn't have to be all bad - not when you can do book reports in costume and make straight A's! Dressing up as a character that a child is doing a book report on helps them get more involved in the character, the time period, and the clothing that was worn during that period and why.

Here are some ideas:

We have a number of Heroes in History Costume Kits:

President Abraham Lincoln is one of our most popular costume kits:
Abraham Lincoln Costume Kit

Another of our most popular book report characters is Benjamin Franklin:

Ben Franklin Costume Kit

It is also back to school time for makeup schools and we sell makeup kits for students on our makeup website:

Ben Nye Professional Makeup Kit

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer of Fun Cosplay Dress Up!

Cosplay is all the rage this summer!  ComicCon in San Diego and other comic book conventions throughout the summer have children and adults dressing up as their favorite comic book, sci-fi, and fantasy characters. Then there is a new reality show coming to the SyFy Channel this month called Heroes of Cosplay, where participants compete to dress up in fabulous costumes that allow them to become the characters.

Kids at home this summer can do the same with some fun dress up ideas. It also helps you get ready for Halloween, start getting ideas for Halloween costumes, and also maybe get some additional use out of the costumes so they are not just used for Halloween.

Here are some Cosplay costume dress up ideas for summer:

Barbie Princess Costume

Fairy Child Costume

Captain America Costume

Iron Man Child Costume

Going to visit a magical theme park this summer? Buy costumes ahead of time and save on park prices! Saving money definitely can make the happiest place on Earth even happier!

Minnie Mouse Child Costume

Mickey Mouse Costume

Cinderella Costume

Buzz Lightyear Costume