Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby and Toddler Halloween Costumes

Baby and Toddler Halloween Costumes from

Are you looking for a baby or toddler Halloween costume? Some of the most delightful costumes around are for babies and toddlers, so it won’t be hard to find an sweet one. Your baby or toddler will be the most adorable little thing in these cute baby Halloween costumes.

Popular Baby Halloween Costumes:

Smurfette Toddler Costume

· Smurfette – the Smurfs were big this year, so go with the flow and have a cute little blue baby girl. This simple costume consists of a blue romper and a headpiece, so it’s easy and cute.

Minnie Mouse Baby Halloween Costume

· Baby Minnie – your little girl will look cute as can be in a baby Minnie Mouse costume. The headband with mouse ears is a perfect touch.

Baby Bunny Halloween Costume

· Baby Bunny – perfect for colder Halloweens, this bunny suit will keep your little one warm and make them look charming. They’ll hop away with all kinds of treats – no tricks.

Chili Pepper Baby Halloween Costume

· Chili Pepper Baby Costume – a chili pepper costume is a hot costume (giggle) this year. It’s a one piece bunting, with a headpiece. Simple and darling.

Chewbacca Star Wars Baby Costume

· Chewbacca Toddler Costume- is also great for cold weather Halloweens. If it’s chilly outside, your little one will look appealing in a Star Wars character costume.

Baby Blues Clues Costume

· Baby Blues Clues – the little blue dog is one sweet, simple little costume.

Child Size Fireman Costume

· Baby Fire Fighter -let's all jump on the firetruck! Kids love fire fighters, and this looks wonderful.

Friendly Ghost Child Size Costume

· Ghost Costume – either Casper or just an ordinary ghost is appropriate and easy for Halloween trick or treating.

Crayola Crayon Costume for Kids

· Crayola costume – your sweet little one can be a crayon on Halloween. It’s a simple, slipover costume with a headpiece.

Captain Kirk Star Trek Baby Costume

C Captain Kirk Costume – Star Trek fans will want this Captain Kirk costume. Seriously. Trekkies will be enthralled.

Even if your child is too young to trick or treat, you can still dress them up to give out candy. Make sure to take pictures of the little cutie – you never know when they might come in handy to embarrass your teenager with. Choose something easy to wear that won’t make them uncomfortable, and keep their first Halloween costume, if possible. It will become a cherished memory in years to come.

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